Screen Printed Wine Bottles

Offering significant point of difference in wine packaging and has those premium cues that sophisticated consumers associate with luxury products.

  • Shelf Appeal – Your package plays a central role in initiating a consumer’s first purchase. Said another way, “the first sale is the label, the second is the product inside.”
  • Label Differentiation – Why follow the masses with a conventional paper label when you can differentiate in the place it matters most: retail.
  • Brand Story – From a branding perspective, screen-printing enables your entire bottle to serve as a canvas of visual expression – 360°
  • Label Durability – Eliminates the tearing, scuffing, fading, or bubbling of traditional paper labels.
  • Label Integrity – Let no table-side ice bucket or picnic cooler destroy the label you’ve invested so much in.
  • Bottling Line Efficiency – Fewer steps in the label application process means fewer headaches at the bottling stage.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, screen printed bottles can provide savings depending on the configuration of the package. Short run, small batch volumes are often much more economical than tooling up for a short run of labels. Larger volume runs benefit from the high speeds bottling lines and without any roll changes.

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