ink360 spirits

Screen Printed Spirits Bottle?

See the clear difference of a screen printed label.

Whether you are just coming out of the “still” or an already established distillery, the buyer must see your brand over all the others in order to get purchased. Shelf Appeal is the challenge for the Spirits industry. They continue to search for ways to stand out from the crowd and improve their visibility. ink360 can help you create the perfect blend of bottle styles, (oval, square, or round), artwork and decoration.

The ability to screen print on odd shaped, contoured surfaces is a mainstay at ink360. As the name implies, ink360 provides the unique ability to screen print 360° around most any bottle.

Make no doubt about it, ink360 has the talent to make your vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, whiskey or other spirit brand leap off of the shelves and into the customers hands.

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