pubware silk screening

Pubware Screen Printing

Our growlers and glasses are manufactured right here in the USA – and no trees died to make our glassware eco-friendly.

The glass used is made of natural ingredients that are abundant on our planet. Glass can be recycled endlessly and producing it uses less energy than producing metal or plastic.

One of the final steps in production is to place the glassware into a “blow mold”. Compressed air is then blown into the bottle which creates the uniform thickness in the walls and base of the glassware. This process assures consistent quality of glassware.

ink360 prints using inks that are baked onto your growlers and glassware. This process assures your logo is scratch resistant and dish washer safe. It is highly likely that your glassware will have reached its useful life before the logo even has a hint of diminishing. And finally, the entire glass/growler with its printed logo is 100% recyclable.

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