Beer Bottle Screen Printing

Just as Mark Twain decried reports of his untimely death, so too do craft brewers and beer retailers dispute the idea that craft beer is on the wane. Still, with competition fiercer than ever and beer shelves crammed with choices, the days of indiscriminately adding new styles are over.

Branding – plain and simple…

A recognizable brand relies heavily on having a well-designed logo that catches the customer’s eye. Everyone knows Starbuck’s siren, McDonald’s arches and Apple’s apple logo without a doubt.

To have well thought out, clean and precise artwork for your bottles is one way to accomplish this. Selling your brand will be much easier if you can refer potential buyers to look for a certain image that will be visually distinct from all of the other bottles on a shelf. ink360 can help you create that visually appealing artwork which utilizes the entire 360°, top-to-bottom of your bottle.

Ultimately the use of printed beer bottles creates a specialized, classy and high-end look that attracts attention in the world of craft beer. Craft brewers looking to a screen-printed label are trying to ride the wave of the “martini culture,” and hit on the emotions stirred by brands in the spirit category like Absolut, Belvedere, Grey Goose, etc.

If you are true to you brand and your goal is to create brand awareness, then compare the passion you have for the inside of the bottle with the passion ink360 has for the outside.

We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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