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ink360 offers preproduction sampling and speculative sample services…

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Want to learn more about bottle decoration? Just pick up the phone and let’s chat.

After business hours? Sometimes we’re up late pondering life’s greatest mysteries too.

After business hours? Sometimes we’re up late at night pondering life’s mysteries.

Electronic Artwork Proof

The 2D digital graphic samples provided by ink360 serve as your quick, efficient, and cost-effective method to review glass bottle decorations. These visuals are particularly useful in the early stages of the design process.

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Graphic Design Templates

  • Purpose and Utility: Digital 2D (PDF) graphic samples are mostly for visualizing preproduction artwork.
  • Simplicity and Cost-Effective: They offer a simpler view of the design. This is a more budget-friendly option during the initial phases of the design process.
  • Versatility in Design: With this broad view, we can accommodate changing design ideas.
  • Speed in Decision-Making: By providing a clear visual of the artwork, these 2D proofs can significantly expedite the decision-making process, such as for reorders and projects with short timeframes.
  • Overall Design Process: The 2D digital samples help ensure we’re on the right track before moving on to more advanced stages like 3D renderings, physical sample production, or full production.

Timeframe: 3-5 business days after approved art
Cost: Free

Electronic 3D Proof

The 3D Renderings service is a step beyond 2D digital proofs, offering a more advanced and detailed visualization of your decorations on the actual bottle.

ink360 3D Bottle Design

  • Enhanced View: 3D renderings will give you a more lifelike and tangible view to understand the look and feel of the product in a real-world context.
  • Design Precision and Realism: They more precisely showcase intricate details, including textures and how the design conforms to the contours of the bottle.
  • Decision Making: With a more detailed and realistic view, you can make more informed decisions.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: A cost-effective, yet speedier way to finalize designs before moving to physical sample production.
  • Collaboration and Feedback: To facilitate great collaboration, the 3D renderings are an interactive review process, where you can provide specific feedback based on a realistic depiction.
  • Pre-launch Visualization: These renderings can also be used for YOUR marketing purposes, such as in presentations, promotional materials, or for pre-launch hype, giving stakeholders and potential customers a preview!

Timeframe: 5-10 business days
Cost: Contact ink360

Physical Bottle Samples

Physical samples represent the most advanced and tangible stage in the bottle decoration process. These samples are actual glass bottles with the final screen-printed design applied, providing you with a real-world replica of your product.

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Timeframe: ~30 business days
Cost: Contact ink360
6-12 Bottles (supplied by client).
2D or 3D approval is required.

Requesting Physical Samples

  • Realistic Representation: Get a replica of the final product and physically handle the bottle to assess print quality.
  • Quality Assurance: Precisely evaluate color accuracy, print resolution, and adhesion quality.
  • Cost and Time: Physical samples are more expensive and time-consuming compared to digital proofs and 3D renderings. However, it provides the most accurate and final quality check.
  • Use in Marketing: Apart from approval purposes, physical samples can be used effectively in your go-to-market campaigns, presentations, or trade shows, providing a real example of the product.
  • Addressing Challenges: Physical samples may also help us identify and address challenges or limitations early in the process.
  • Confidence: Having a physical sample will increase your confidence in the final product, especially in high-profile or high-quantity projects.

What Comes After Samples?

What happens after preproduction sampling? Moving to full-scale production.

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Screen Printing Production

After the bottle is chosen and the sample is approved, we schedule the production of bottle decoration.

ink360 employs state-of-the-art, UV/LED decorating technology with a low-carbon footprint and 100% recyclable materials.

Learn more about our direct-to-bottle screen printing capabilities.

What Comes Before Samples?

What happens before requesting speculative sample services?

ink360 graphic design services for bottle decoration

Graphic Design

Ink360 offers in-house graphic design services tailored for glass bottle decorations, accommodating both simple and complex design needs.

The design process at Ink360 can start from any stage, whether it’s a rough sketch or a fully developed vector artwork.

Learn more about our graphic design services.

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Are you a producer that uses glass bottles to package your products?

Do you use glass bottles to package products?

Are you a producer that uses glass bottles to package products?

ink360 empowers producers and manufacturers that use glass bottles with screen printing services.