Our Process

Are your sales stagnant or trending downward? Can’t understand why your quality products aren’t jumping off the shelf?

When you want your bottles to stand out on store shelves, direct-to-bottles decoration is the bottle labeling solutions for you.

In a retail setting, a label needs to work on three levels. First it needs to catch the consumer attention from across the aisle. This can be achieved through colors cues that represent the taste of the product or through an eye-catching icon or piece of artwork.

Second, it needs to catch the consumers’ interest at arm’s length. This is where your brain picks up minute design details that signal “this is a quality product.”

For instance, at arm’s length the eye registers textured print, foil, and embossing. This is the distance where type style choices come into play; whether a font is a traditional one on higher priced products or a whimsical font on lower priced beverages.

And finally the eye scans for “negative space” and for a clear, organized hierarchy of information. All of these elements together tell our brains that this product will be a quality, hand crafted beverage.

Here is where ink360’s process will help you achieve shelf visibility at all three levels – and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Our mission is to help you determine the right option for your artwork and budget.

  1. Inspiration: If your goal is to design a new label or simply a refreshing of your existing label, ink360 can guide you through the design process with our design professionals. Our design professionals work directly with you so there are no “layers” of information to get lost.
  2. Collaboration: The next step in the process is to fully understand the specific details your project. We’ll touch on bottle selection, timing, shipping requirements, quantities and other important details. Once all the designs elements are complete, colors confirmed and layout approved, we’ll produce a 3D virtual sample of your decorated bottle for your final review. When you’ve approved the 3D rendering and at your discretion, we will produce a sample so that you and your team can review it on your actual bottle.
  3. Production: After your bottle has completed the sampling process, we’ll print the rest of your glass with our industry-leading, environmentally-friendly LED/UV screen printing equipment. Your glass will be monitored throughout the entire process for print quality, color, registration and bottle-care.
  4. Delivery: The final step in our process is delivery. ink360 can arrange transportation with carriers dedicated to glass transportation. However, if you have a logistic company you prefer, you can arrange pick as well. Careful attention is given to packaging your glass and timing to ensure you receive your beautifully decorated bottles without damage and in right time for bottling.

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