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Where do we work, and for whom does the bell toll? Research our various markets…

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Want to learn more about bottle decoration? Just pick up the phone and let’s chat.

After business hours? Sometimes we’re up late pondering life’s greatest mysteries too.

After business hours? Sometimes we’re up late at night pondering life’s mysteries.

We’re Near You

We screen print glass bottle packaging for distilleries, wineries, and craft beverage manufacturers across the United States.

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United States

ink360 is well-positioned in the heart of the Midwest. If you’re a beverage manufacturer in the US, there’s a strong chance that we have connections to others near you.

Mexico & Canada

ink360 has active connections in Mexico and Canada, and we’re continually expanding into these nearby areas.


ink360 has active international connections.

While our niche is short-run, small batch, our Mexico, Canada, and International customers are commonly linked to larger distributors.

Markets We Serve

ink360 specializes in UV/LED print bottle decoration for distilleries, wineries, and craft beverage manufacturers across the United States.

Spirits Industry

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Whether your production volume is under 10,000 or above 750,000 proof gallons, ink360 works with a wide range of manufacturers. These include independently owned companies, larger producers of alcoholic distilled spirits, and any operation in-between serving their product locally, regionally, or worldwide…

Winery Industry

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In a sea of wine bottle labels, thinking creatively can yield better results and may be more cost-effective. Reimagine the package and appeal to the industry’s overall growth segments with its consumers.

Craft Brewery

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Retail craft beer is a $2.5+ billion dollar industry, and rising small and independent brewers are constantly gaining a share of that market. Craft brewery production consists of Contract, Brewpubs, Microbreweries, Taprooms, Regionals, and more… many of which use glass packaging.

Maple Syrup Producers

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The United States and Canada account for a significant portion of the world’s production of maple syrup. The demand for maple syrup is driven by its use in a variety of food products. With the increasing demand for natural sweeteners and a rise in consumer awareness about the health benefits of maple syrup, the market expects to continue growing.

Health & Beauty

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We highlight our expertise in screen printing for the health and beauty industries, emphasizing the ability to cater to a range of market segments including perfume, essential oils, and natural cleaning products.

ink360 is committed to providing high-quality, customized screen printing and decoration solutions for glass bottles, aimed at enhancing brand identity and consumer appeal in these sectors.

Candle Producers

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ink360 specializes in screen printing on glass candle containers – mason, jelly, tumbler, and apothecary jars. We serve a diverse range of candle manufacturers and accommodating small batches and large orders alike.

We offer custom decoration services for various glass types and sizes, emphasizing the importance of visual design in enhancing the candle experience.


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Here, we talk about screen printing glassware and highlighting the different types of glasses such as shot, rocks, tasting, Collins, and mixing glasses for enhanced brand presentation and promotional opportunities. Screen printing glassware offers durability, vibrant colors, and creative design flexibility for our commercial markets.

Beverage Manufacturers

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Other craft producers include but are not limited to Kombucha, Olive Oil, Soda, Health Beverages, and more. Craft beverage producers represent one of the largest growing segments in the value-added food and beverage industry in recent years.

Their markets include Millennials, the first generation to reshape the craft beverage movement, and Generation Z, the newest wave of adults reaching the legal drinking age – about 75 million in the US.

Verticals We Serve

We partner with companies at various stages of the pipeline including manufacturers, distribution, and end-user establishments.

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Beverage Manufacturers

The beverage alcohol industry is a thriving part of the economy. We work with everyone from up-and-coming brewers to established producers to retailers and your local franchises are part of the expansive beverage alcohol industry.

Distribution Channels

Alcohol is a unique product because it requires more strict compliance, which gives ink360 an amazing opportunity to network and communicate with other sections of the supply chain.

End-User Establishments

ink360 also works with end-user establishments. In some cases, producers can own their own shop, bar, or restaurant. In other cases, franchises or establishments (local, regional, etc.) may require mass bottle, growler, or glassware decoration services.

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Are you a producer that uses glass bottles to package your products?

Do you use glass bottles to package products?

Are you a producer that uses glass bottles to package products?

ink360 empowers producers and manufacturers that use glass bottles with screen printing services.