Nordic Bar Top (750ml)

Nordic Bar Top (750ml) Specs

Description:  The 750ml Nordic glass spirits bottle is a popular choice among spirit producers due to its elegant and classic design. It features a simple cylindrical shape with slight tapering towards the neck, making it easy to handle and pour. Its transparent glass allows for showcasing the clarity and color of the contents, making it suitable for a wide variety of spirits such as Whiskey, Vodka, and Gin.

You may also know this bottle type as the “Duke” (750ml), “Juneau” (750ml), or “Stockholm” (750ml). They have the same tooling and profile as the Nordic 750ml.

Item#: 750NORBT
Capacity: 750ml
Additional Capacities: 1.75L, 1L, 375ML
Finish: 21.5mm
Approx. Weight: 24.754 ounces
Approx. Height: 8.65 inches
Approx. Width: 3.651 inches
Glass Color: Clear
Shape: Round; No taper

Packaging Method:
12 pack; white RSC w/ partitions

Min. Order Quantity: 1080 pieces
12 Bottles per case; 90 Cases per pallet

Pallet Dim: 40″W x 48″L x 90.72″H
Approx. Pallet Weight: 1,850 lbs.

Strategic Supplier Partnership

ink360 does not own this bottle. We have strategic partnerships with bottle suppliers so we can inventory a variety of bottles on-site, in ink360’s warehouse. Your cost savings are achieved through the supplier’s purchasing leverage with the manufacturer, truckload quantity purchases, and related freight costs to the warehouse. You not only save money but also time in the purchasing process.

The Nordic 750ml glass bottle is typically available to clients who intend to decorate their bottles at ink360. Contact us for more information.

Glass Bottles for Spirits & Distilleries

The Nordic Bar Top (750ml) often comes with a thick base, adding to its premium feel and ensuring stability on shelves. The wider labeling area embraces a minimalist aesthetic, making the Nordic bottle a favorite for brands looking for timeless appeal and ample space for creative and eye-catching decorations. Learn more about glass bottle packaging options for Spirits & Distilleries.

While we’ve categorized the Nordic 750ml for use in the Spirits market, other producers in other markets may choose to use this bottle depending on the desired brand style.

The thicker base of the Nordic Bar Top (750ml) adds stability and creates more decoration space for a premium and timeless feel.

Are you a producer that uses glass bottles to package your products?

Do you use glass bottles to package products?

Are you a producer that uses glass bottles to package products?

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