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Our story! Thanks for reading about People, mission, values, and a little about ink360 company history…

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After business hours? Sometimes we’re up late pondering life’s greatest mysteries too.

After business hours? Sometimes we’re up late at night pondering life’s mysteries.

The Story of ink360

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In 1976, our country’s bicentennial Ken started his college career with the end goal to own a small manufacturing business. While on active duty as a full-time member of the United States Air Force, he decided to pursue a college degree with a major in manufacturing (cost) accounting. This would turn out to serve well for his future goal.

In 1979, after his career with the USAF ended and a bachelor’s degree in hand, Ken returned to Wisconsin to begin a career in manufacturing accounting. However, in the late ’70s and early ’80s the Wisconsin economy had become less favorable for manufacturing. In September of 1983, Ken moved his family to Colorado in search of greener pastures (the high desert really doesn’t have green pastures).

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In Colorado, Ken quickly found work in the accounting field. Then, in 1985 he stumbled across an opportunity to own a small manufacturing business in Evergreen, CO. It was a fantastic opportunity that fulfilled a college goal to own a business. It was a small screen printing business that allowed Ken to learn the finer (nice word for technical) aspects of printing. Ken really enjoyed the sales side of the business. His company printed shirts for the resort industry throughout Colorado and Rocky Mountain states.

For the next 10 years, Ken developed new, innovative, and successful ways to screen print art onto shirts. In 1993, the company invested heavily in technology and equipment to set it apart from competitors. In the two years between 1993 and 1995, the company invested all of its resources into new equipment only to find out the equipment purchased could not produce as advertised and he was forced to shut the company down.

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After that misfortune, Ken returned to Wisconsin and returned to manufacturing accounting. In 1998 Ken was hired by Mr. Richard (Rick) Austin as his cost accountant. It didn’t take long before they developed a solid professional relationship and a good friendship.

As times changed, Rick moved on to a different company. Ken left the accounting profession in favor of a sales career. In January 2011, Ken decided it was time to use his Sales experience and reenter the screen printing business for himself.

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Shortly after the start of the business, a family friend who was an owner in an Anhuaser-Busch (A-B) and Craft Beer distributorship, asked if he could screen print glasses. As any salesperson would say – “sure, we can do that.” Ken had no idea how to screen print glasses. Through some research, he found a local printer that printed glasses, beer growlers, and other round things.

In addition to the apparel decoration, Ken now offered screen printed glasses and growlers for the craft beer industry – an industry he truly enjoyed (another long story). Printing glassware soon became the fastest-growing revenue stream in the business. As he began to spend more energy on the craft beverage industry, Ken soon learned there were other opportunities beyond just glasses and growlers.

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Over the years, Ken and Rick discussed opportunities to work together again. In 2015, Ken presented Rick with a business plan he had been working on for the past 24 months. This venture would provide the capability to screen print bottles for distilled spirits, wine, craft beer, and other craft beverages.

Rick was excited, and with a bit of due diligence, came on board as a co-founder in 2016 in what is now known as HDI, Inc. Today HDI, Inc. (DBA ink360) specializes in direct screen printing on glass bottles for the craft spirits, wine, and other beverage/foods producers.

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In June 2017, ink360 opened its headquarters in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. The company employs state-of-the-art decorating equipment which includes a two-stage Pyrosil™ bottle pre-treatment process. The system is capable of large and small runs and uses LED/Ultra-Violet (UV) light that instantly cures ink without inefficient, high-cost oven drying. These inks allow for more vibrant, consistent color than traditional baked enamels, and the broadest spectrum of colors available in the graphics world. And it is 100% recyclable.

ink360’s mission is to support the craft distiller, winery, and other beverage producers to compete in the highly-competitive premium beverage marketplace with exceptional printed graphics at prices comparable to much larger organizations.

Thank you for reading about our history. We look forward to working with you.

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Co-Founder, Vice President

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Are you a producer that uses glass bottles to package your products?

Do you use glass bottles to package products?

Are you a producer that uses glass bottles to package products?

ink360 empowers beverage producers that use glass bottles with screen printing services.