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ink360 specializes in direct screen printing on glass bottles for the Craft Spirits, Wine, Beer and other Beverage/Foods industries.

With over 20k sqft of manufacturing space located in Fort Atkinson, WI., ink360 employ’s state of the art decorating equipment which includes a two stage Pyrosil™ pre-treatment process. The system is capable of large and small runs and uses LED/Ultra-Violet (UV) light to instantly cure the ink without the need for inefficient, high cost oven drying. These inks allow for more vibrant, consistent color then traditional baked enamels as well as the broadest spectrum of colors available in the graphics world.

ink360’s mission is to support the small batch, short run craft distilleries, wineries and breweries to compete in a highly competitive market place with exceptional graphics printed in short runs at prices comparable to much larger organizations.

To achieve print quality unsurpassed in the marketplace today, ink360 chooses to utilizes a two-step pre-flame/pre-treatment process that assures your screen-printed bottle the most durable ink adhesion.

Pre-Flame – is completed in line, but prior to the bottles’ pre-treatment. Pre-flame acts as a cleaning process and offers some advantages over Pyrosil™ treatment alone. The most important function is removing cold end coatings, which are most often waxes. Removing the waxes is not temperature dependent; the flame itself burns off the waxes. The flame also removes moisture and other contaminants like dust and oils from handling.

Pre-Treatment – when used with the Pyrosil™ product, preps the surface of the glass for maximum adhesion. It is the preferred pre-treatment for organic UV/LED inks, and the environmentally friendly inks are growing in popularity — especially for wine and spirits bottles decoration.

The best news is, there is no additional charge for this process.

For more, see an actual demonstration on this video: Pre-Flame / Pre-Treatment

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